A smarter neighborhood -
one sticker at a time.

Be in the know and bring positive change to your community through localized augmented reality videos straight from your phone.

Our mission is simple. We want to reconnect you with the people, places and things that make your neighborhood awesome.

All you have to do is:

Share the People. Places. Things. you...

Love Caution Appreciate Yum

...and watch others uncover them in your community.

It’s your community in your pocket. Your city, rediscovered.

Scout Around

Check out your community at a glance.

Quickly scan other videos that surround you. Swipe left and right to see what’s close by and swipe down for videos a little further away.

Community Map

Take action and make change.

Keep up to speed about what’s happening today and stay informed about all that’s gone on over time with our web-based map. Filter by time, location, or sticker categories. All stickers are made public – but don’t worry. We appreciate your space and are sure to keep your privacy in mind. We don’t sell our data. It’s yours for your community to act on.

View the map (beta)

Get Your Neighborhood Started.

Recieve 6 door invites to share with your neighbors.

When 10 of your neighbors create an account and drop a video, we will create a
 set of unique stickers for your community to use for free.

Awesome! Now check your email!

Available in Canada and the US only.

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